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  • Fintros

    Finding optimally qualified employees for the organization made easy

  • CRE Simple

    Enable financing partners to accelerate origination and processing, and reducing the cost of lending

  • sensefolio

    Unlock potential investments in ESG companies

  • neoEYED

    Enhance security while improve UX during transactions

  • The Odyssey Project Inc.

    Make UX more human with chatbot function

  • Starling Trust Sciences

    Make big organizations more manageable

  • Stakana Analytics

    Enhance customer engagement and retention

  • Sperse

    Flexible and consolidated data management

  • siyea

    Reduction of manual management of accounts receivables

  • Dataspin

    Monetize customer insights

  • milestoneBased

    Enable small & mid-scale VC funds to fundraise more effectively and focus more on exciting deals


    Enabling fast and intelligent investment decisions


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