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Hybrid Blockchains

Hybrid Blockchains, also called Sidechains, Cross-Chain or Interchain Technology, describe the connection of different Blockchain types and DLT-systems, so that a transfer of assets, tokens, data and communication between different Blockchains is conducted. Especially a communication between Private or Public Blockchains would enable new tradeoffs in the design and allow to combine unique features between both types [1].


Hybrid Blockchains enable registers and calculations across different frameworks to access, for instance, the data stored on Private Blockchains for certain applications operating  in public networks [1]. The access to transactions between different cryptocurrencies is significantly simplified [2] and the transfers can take place without any delays. Examples of protocols on which Hybrid Blockchains are built are Polkadot, Wanchain and Kadena.

[1] Polkadot (2020)

[2] Swan, M. (2015) Blockchain Blueprint for a new economy

Begriff im Definitionsnetz

Begriff im Definitionsnetz

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