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Blockchain Use Cases

[1] Heines, R. (2020): A Classificatory Framework for Blockchain-based Applications

Blockchain technology offers many functionalities to improve and enable new ICT-solutions. Therefore, the applicability of Blockchain shows potential in many industries ranging  from logistics, e-commerce to well-known use cases in the financial industry, such as payment and tokenization [1].


Documenting cases

  • Technical proof of data integrity (immutability and completeness) at a certain point in time (timestamping)

  • Easy to implement in combination with Public Blockchains, quick wins, low focus on smart contracts

Digitalization of processes

  • Optimized data exchange and process transparency

  • Process status as a transaction on the Blockchain

  • Digitalization of analogue processes across companies

  • Possibility of integration with Business Process Modelling

  • Interactions as Business Logic

Digitization of assets

  • Token enable a new digital representation for goods, rights or services with specific characteristics (fungible/ fungible etc.)

  • A token allows access to information about a product, grants certain rights of use or represents the property right.

Blockchain Ecosystems

  • Infrastructure for the provision and processing of data-driven business models

  • Next step in digitization to access new markets

  • Possible integration of new technologies (AI, IoT & Blockchain)

  • Due to many stakeholders' complex in implementation

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Begriff im Definitionsnetz

Begriff im Definitionsnetz

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