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Blockchain Business USPs

Blockchain is regarded as an innovative technology, as it enables new possibilities and functions that differ from other technologies [1]. The following properties describe the unique selling points of Blockchain.


  • Decentralization: The Blockchain works without a central authority and all participants are equally integrated in the network

  • Immutable data storage: Manipulation of stored data in a Blockchain is almost impossible

  • Automation: No dependence on individual actors, if everything can be automated

  • Transparency: Anyone can check the transactions in the public ledger

  • Security: The use of cryptography guarantees the encryption of sensitive data

  • Real time data: Transmission of information in real time

[1] Heines, R. (2017): Blockchain Technology Applications: A Conceptual Framework from a Supply Chain Perspective

Begriff im Definitionsnetz

Begriff im Definitionsnetz

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