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With more than 200 members, Corda is, besides Hyperledger, one of the most popular DLT platforms for companies to record. The coordination and automation of business agreements is also based on smart contracts [1].  It was developed and published in 2016 by the company R3.

Corda is based on peer-to-peer principles and relies on distributed data storage and cryptography. However, it is not a Blockchain, since the data is not distributed and shared to all nodes. In contrast it uses the need-to-know principle. This means that each participant within a transaction has only access to data that is relevant to him. Thus, the exchange of sensitive information is possible. Data is exchanged via transactions and not via the publicly accessible ledger [2].


[1] ISO/PDTR 23455: (2018): Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

[2] Plazibat, A. (2017): The Business Potential of Distributed Ledger Technology


Begriff im Definitionsnetz

Begriff im Definitionsnetz

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